5th Annual Buff Stampede Forms



Here are the forms for the bike-a-thon fundraiser this year. Please fill these out and return them to me or one of the other coaches NO LATER THAN April 20th 2017. The sooner you get the consent form to us the sooner we can get an idea of how many will be participating. The Pledge/Donor Sheet can be handed in at anytime up until the morning of the bike ride unless otherwise stated in the future. You can print and fill out or fill them out using the PDF fill in. You can get them to us by email or in person, which ever works best for you. Also we do have some helmets for those who don’t have one and also we try every year to borrow bikes for players who do not have access to bikes. We will reach out to those who can help with bikes when we have a better idea of how many we may need.

Players, Remember this is a good fundraiser for us to help get us the things we need like practice jerseys, practice bags and it also helps pay for all the great food we try to provide you throughout the season so please participate in this for your team!


2017 Buffalo Stampede – Authorization, Consent, & Release

2017 Buffalo Stampede – Pledge Sheet & Donor List

Buffalo Stampede – Rewards, Prizes, & Information Checklist

Football after High School

ATTENTION SENIORS!! I know some of you have mentioned in the past about wanting to play Football after High School. If you want to try we need to act ASAP. There are many many avenues you can take to extend your Football career. This is not an easy task and requires a lot of hard work and dedication on your part. Also it will more than likely require you to be willing to move out of state. There are plenty of small colleges and Jr. Colleges that are in need of hard working athletes willing to relocate to their schools. Get a hold of me or Coach Lewis and let us know. We want to help and want to see you guys achieve your goals.

5th annual Buff Stampede (Bike-a-thon)

The 5th Annual Buff stampede (Bike-a-thon) will be April 29th, its a Saturday. We will have a start time and location information in the next couple of days. We will be handing out the participation forms and pledge sheets to the kids over the next couple of weeks.