Spring Camp

Spring Camp will be Tuesday May 26th, Wednesday May 27th and Thursday May 28th from 5pm to 7 pm at Tooele High School. There is no cost associated with the camp. The camp will be in shorts, t-shirts and cleats. We will be going over some of our drills and teaching our techniques as well as introducing and reviewing our offense and defense. Please make plans for your athlete to attend. We are looking forward to having a very successful season and this is the kickoff to that success! Go Buffs!


Unfortunately there will not be weights after school tomorrow. There will still be morning weights with Coach Jackson. 

Register My Athlete


We just received word that registration for fall sports at http://www.registermyathlete.com is now available. Just a reminder to get this done ASAP. Also remember to give the coaches access to your information (parents name, address, cell and home phone numbers, ect) in order to eliminate another form we use to fill out. Those who have this done before the end of school will be given 25 Pride Points. The season is right around the corner! Go Buffs!

Bike Ride Fundraiser


If your son is planning on riding in the “Buffalo Stampede” Bike Ride Fundraiser please fill out the form below. It is the exact same as the paper form we usually send home but will be more more time saving and efficient for us in gather the information we need. Thank you for all you do for the program. Go Buffs!


The player-parent meeting will be tonight at 7 pm in the commons area at Tooele High School. We look forward to seeing all of you there. Go Buffs!


The parent-player meeting scheduled for tonight has been changed to Monday, March 30th at 7pm. It will be  held in the commons area at Tooele High School. We hope to see you all there. Go Buffs!