Tooele vs Shelley Game

For any fans who won’t be able to attend the game in Idaho this Saturday there is still a way to watch. The game will be live streamed on the Internet. To watch the game go to and click on the GameStreams tab then select Tooele vs Shelley game. Hopefully we have a nice fan base at the Game, but if you can’t make it watch online. Go Buffs!

Tooele High School Football Contract

Here is the Tooele High School Football Contract we need filled out. If an athlete doesn’t agree with any of these he is choosing not be a member of our program, hence only agree as an answer. Before an athlete can play they need to have this form filled out and the parents need to review it with them. We expect a lot of our athletes and will hold them accountable for their actions. Go Buffs!


If you are planning on coming to camp and haven’t already received pads or made prior arrangements with me to receive pads you better show up this week to get pads or you will not be attending. 

Snow Camp

Parents, another form was just sent to us from the Snow College Staff. It also needs to be filled out in order for your athlete to participate in camp. It is under Camp Information as well. We are sorry for all the forms and confusion with filling them out. If you can print this out and bring it next week please do so. If you can’t we will have copies to fill out next week. Please note that you will not be able to participate in camp if you do not have a copy of the insurance card. If you need to make a copy we have a copy machine in the coaches office at the high school. Please bring the card down next week and we can make a copy if needed. Hopefully this is the final thing needed before we just worry about football and getting better! Go Buffs!

Snow Camp

We have just been informed that all athletes who plan on attending camp need to have their parents fill out the Tooele County School District overnight travel forms. These forms can be found under the Camp Information tab. If you can please print them off and fill them out, then bring them back to Coach Brady next week. If you can not print one out over the weekend Coach Brady will have copies on Monday at weights. Again, if these forms are not filled out students will not be able to travel and participate in camp. Go Buffs!

Snow Camp

As of right now we only have 22 kids that have paid for camp. We need to solidify how many kids are going by next week. If you haven’t paid already please do so ASAP. The finance office will be closed after today for the rest of the week. If you can’t make it today please make plans to get down there early next week and pay the $75. This camp will be a great start to our season. If you have any questions please feel free to contact me. I’ll answer all questions as soon as possible. Go Buffs! 

Summer Camp

We have had many questions about camp this year. We will not be having camp at Tooele High School like we have done the past few years. We will be attending camp at Snow College instead. The dates for the camp are the same week still, July 20th to the 22nd. We will be leaving on Sunday the 19th around 5 pm because of an early start time on Monday morning. We will return around 5 pm on Wednesday the 22nd. The cost for the camp will be $75 per athlete. We will cover the rest. Please pay Mrs. Spendlove in the finance office at the high school ASAP. We need to get a count of how many will be attending by the 13th of July. This is a great opportunity for our team to get better (we will be competing against 4 or 5 other teams down there) and also build some more team unity. The camp is for all high school athletes from Freshmen to Seniors. Please make plans on attending this camp as it will make us better as a team and be a great jump start to our season which starts about a month later. Go Buffs!